使用愛娃 (Aqua Mineral) 專業金靈魅力指甲護理套件,只需使用一次你將可感受擁有健康指甲的光澤和呵護。

1.緩衝液 (Buffer) – 3步驟緩衝液平滑,擁有研磨和拋光,隨著指示使用有助於維持指甲健康。
2.角質層油 (Cuticle Oil) – 治療滋潤和軟化你的角質層。
3.身體乳液 (Body Lotion) – 豐富的死海礦物質和提取物,以徹底滋潤你的雙手。
4.指甲文件 (Nail File) – 根據需要使用,保持精心塑造你的指甲。

Use Aqua Mineral Gold Charm Nail Care Kit just once, and you will be thrilled with your shiny, healthy-looking nails.

Kit Contains:
1. Buffer- a 3-step buffer smooths, buffs and polishes, helping to maintain healthy nails when used as directed
2. Cuticle Oil – a treatment to nourish and softens your cuticles
3. Body Lotion – enriched with Dead Sea minerals and an outstanding assortment of rich extracts to thoroughly hydrate your hands
4. Nail File – use as needed to keep your nails meticulously shaped