marvelle-rejuvenating-mask來自純天然死海礦物能量黑泥,能深層潔淨與清潔毛孔堵塞物, 代謝老化細胞, 兼具保濕潤澤效果, 使您的膚色更明亮透析。礦物泥與磁性能量塊的作用擁有肌膚卓越的修復效果。


1. 使用刮勺將礦物能量黑泥均勻敷於面部,避開眼部。
2. 約5-10分鐘後,用紙巾裹覆磁鐵,輕輕在肌膚上滑動致完全清除面膜泥。
3. 靜待3分鐘使表面肌膚的極緻活化修護面膜層持續滋養肌膚,再用清水洗淨。
4. 建議每週使用一次。


This remarkable firming mud mask uses an amazing magnetic block and is formulated to resist wrinkles and firm your complexion, leaving it looking and feeling younger than ever. Beyond the magnetic qualities of the natural iron, the natural iron is a well known tremendous healing agent. When the natural iron magnetic nature encounters the magnetic fields which naturally occur on the skin,small electric currents form on the skin and run deep into the tissue. These gentle currents relax the skin through the topical nerve endings and greatly improve the skin’s nourishment and breathing abilities and immensely revitalize the skin in a swift and deep process.